hARTistic Healing 

Ladies, imagine a weekend filled with love, art, women's empowerment, healing, learning about honest self love and making true connections. I have created this retreat and workshop experience to help guide women on their discovery of remembering who they are. Through personal experience and years of Self Development work, I have discovered that we cannot do this alone. We need to empower each other and lift each other up. With my current clients, the first step is to guide them to reconnect with themselves through healing and intuitive art. The next phase is to allow the universe to guide them in discovering their passion. The last phase is living with purpose. Once you have achieved the first two, the last will be effortless. This retreat I have created is a combination of the three. Consider it a little jump start of the heart and soul. If you are interested, please email me directly. I look forward to serving you.


With Love and Grace, 


Here are a couple testimonials from the first one I did, 3/2019

"I want to say, it was amazing. I had the opportunity to attend the retreat with 

my sister and daughter. When we left we were in awe. We came away with little 

techniques to help our lives. And to help forgive. Forgiveness was for me was something that I didn't know I needed. It was such a gentle and beautiful experience. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to heal their beautiful hearts and souls. I don't know if anyone could of put it together the way Cece did. She helps you feel so relaxed and ready to trust her. I'm so grateful for all of the time and energy she put into it. Joshua Tree was amazing!"

Roxanne Kennedy

This was such a beautiful and healing experience. I highly recommend this for all women who need to learn Self Love and start their healing process. We bonded so much and had such an amazing time. Joshua Tree was super magical and uplifting. I look forward to our next retreat!

Rosanne Garcia