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hARTistic Healing and Self Love Retreat

As the Sun rises, so does new opportunities

Ahhhhhhhh... that's my non stop sigh since my return from my first ever hARTistic healing and Self Love Retreat. Can you believe this sunrise? EVER DAY we were blessed to see this! It was a true metaphor for our ladies. Let me give you a little background as to how this vision came about. Over a year ago, I was at a retreat. I had been to many before, but this one inspired me to the core. I was being pampered and cared for. And this was a business retreat! So I was amazed by the details put in for every day I was there. So the only thing that came to mind was, "I want to make women feel loved!" Even more importantly, I want to guide women through their healing process. It's my LIFE'S PURPOSE!

I attract 2 types of women. One is already beginning her journey of self discovery and she is searching for new experiences to guide her to her true self. The 2nd, she is lost. She wants to begin her healing process but doesn't know how. That's where I come in, I am your guide. I have experienced so much in my 40 years on Earth, I believe I'm somewhat qualified (LOL) There is actually a 3rd type of women, the one who Thinks she is healed and awakened.. reads inspirational books, posts inspirational quotes, believes she loves herself. Then life happens and everything she reads, see's, thinks she knows goes out the window and she's back to square one. (I know because I was this woman too) She reaches out to me, asks for guidance, schedules a meeting. But does not follow through. This happens more times than I'd like to admit. Its because of FEAR. Fear of being seen, fear of healing, fear of the work you need to put in. My advice to you, seek beautiful experiences, retreats, women who are on the same journey as you.

In a nutshell, the retreat was amazing. This experience was meant to happen. I was meant to meet Kate and Olivia and we were meant to create this and many more. It was filled with Art, Music, Facials, Massages, good food (by my brother whom is a Chef) make-up, photos, tears, hugs and more importantly HEALING. I wanted to pamper these women the moment the arrived. Feel LOVED, SEXY, SEEN, HEARD, EMPOWERED. I have received beautiful testimonies already, this IS Gods work. If you were one of the many ladies interested but could not commit, fear not! We will be planning the next one shortly.

The beautiful part about this experience was that I received way more than I expected. I walked away feeling PEACE.