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Girl's Road Trip!

What a fun mini getaway I just had. I'd love to share it with you in hopes to inspire you to do this in case you don't already. So, last week I invited my friends out of the blue to just get away for a day. I knew exactly where I wanted to go (back to Joshua Tree) and what I wanted to do. My girls were immediately on board and effortlessly trusted in my plans. The day couldn't get here fast enough. Each of us and many people around me had a DRAINING week, to say the least. I knew this had to be the best SELF CARE SUNDAY I could possibly create. And it was... Girls trips can come in many forms. Shopping, a cruise, a concert, drinking and so on. But being that I had just had my retreat in the Spiritual land of Joshua Tree, I knew we needed those healing elements. The whole day was so spectacular. We ate good, saw the sights, had retail therapy, took pics (see above lol) and just celebrated being women who can not only survive the storm but thrive and rise above. I love all of my friends. I love having girl time. I love the tribe I've created.

Pay attention to who's around you. Who roots for you. Who drains you. Who encourages you. Who is mean to you. Who loves you. And who is jealous of you. It's SPRINGTIME Ladies.. its time to start cleaning! xoxoxox