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Grace, Love and Music

Wow, what a weekend I just had! I was a part of a 4 day Spiritual Retreat. But not as a candidate, as a servant. I had first gone on my retreat back in 2013. Truth be told, I was suppose to go many times before that! You see, my parents were very involved in these Encounters up until my mom fell ill 10/2016. They had been encouraging me to go for years, my ego and pride always got in the way. They had even paid for me once and I backed out at the last minute! But Gods timing is always right. When I lived mine, there was a band that played. If it wasn't for their music, I would not have been impacted as much as I was. After that experience, I felt in my heart that I would love to be in their band. But they already had amazing vocals and instruments being played, I'd have no place and I didn't play any instruments anyway LOL (Although, I had always wanted to learn) Low and behold, I get a call a few months later from my friend, the lead singer of this band. And she asked me to not only be in the band, but learn to play guitar. And I had about 5 months or so to lean! My heart exploded!! My husband bought me a guitar and then I was on a mission. I practiced and practiced. Long story short, I'm in this beautiful band.

When you discover your gifts, you're not meant to hide them. You are meant to share them with the world. You are given these tools to spread your love and your light! Truth be told, I almost backed out of this weekend. Thank God I didn't. I needed it more than I realized. It helped me identify how I had been a horrible friend to my friends who have been there for me, it helped me to identify that when God calls on you to do work, you put your ego and pride aside; its not about you, it helped me to mourn my mama a little more. She was in the band before she passed, it is my honor to continue her legacy and keep doing what she loved. She came to me a few times this weekend in the form of a Hummingbird. This has been my symbol for my momma ever since the last time she was in the hospital. I'll never forget it. We were just given the news that she was terminal, she literally had days left. She was asleep in bed and I was sitting next to her. I looked out the window, my mind was going a million miles a minute. There were a few hummingbirds in the tree, moving around as fast as my mind was. All but ONE. That one was flapping its wings, but it was still. Amongst all of the chaos. And in that moment I felt my mom, and I heard her say "Be still, be present, everything is going to be ok." and if you knew my mama, you know how calm she is.

I am blessed, you are blessed. Find your passion, live your purpose. Spread your love and light. In whatever outlet that means for you. Because its not about YOU, but about the people you inspire. Imagine the domino affect in that? The kind of world we can be living in and the reality you make, depends on the gifts you give to those around you. This is our beautiful band.